Finance - Tax consultancy
Finance – Tax consultancy
23 June, 2017
Financial statements auditing
Financial statements auditing
23 June, 2017

Corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring

In recent years, due to fluctuations in the economy, many companies have encountered difficulties in the business process and need to restructure to continue operating.

DHTax provides specific solution to assist the companies redefining bussiness strategy, restructure its corporate structure and establish a risk-control mechanism to achieve effectiveness.

DHTax’s services include:

  • Analyze and evaluate the current financial situation of the business;
  • Reengineering business strategies, improving business processes;
  • Organize and rerarrange the staff in accordance with the business strategy of the company;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Reorganize financial management plants, especially money management, inventory, receivables, payables…


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